Our Modern Farmhouse


Hello, my name is Stacie.

Who am I?

I am a problem solver. I use both my left and right side of my brain to strategically design a positive solution to a situation. I bring together concepts and design direction to create something that is cohesive and tells a story, no matter the object. 

What influences me?

Life influences me. I examine everything I encounter and question whether it works or if it could be improved upon. No matter if it is visualizing a space to create an open concept home for more functional family gatherings, curating a weekend getaway wardrobe or designing catalog pages to help readers have access to more information they are able to process faster and more effectively, I enjoy all aspects of design and thrive in it.

What Motivates Me?

The thought of overall life improvement motivates me. Will what I am doing make someone else’s life better or their work flow easier? I am not performing open heart surgery and actually saving lives over here, but if my organizational tips help one person from loosing her sanity, my work is complete. I kid – I kid. But seriously, we could all use a little help, and I am happy to add my experiences and expertise. 

Why I started this blog.

Between Social Media and Pinterest, this life we all live looks picture perfect, until someone googles Pinterest fails. I started this blog to document our 1920’s farmhouse remodel and to capture all of the imperfectly perfect moments along the way. Happy reading! (Even if you are only here to look at the pictures)

My Design.

My overall design aesthetic is clean and simple. If you need design help please feel to reach out, I would love to connect with you and do whatever I can to make your life a little easier!