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Sweet Additions

When we first started this blog we were getting ready to undertake a huge renovation process on our modern farm house. Now the house is “done” and we are about to embark on a whole new journey, parenthood. We have worked very hard over the last 5 years to become pregnant and so it is with an abundance of gratitude to be entering into this new phase of life. In the previous post I shared our current song. With all of the ups and downs here is a link to our new song. The bases of the song, which I love, is whatever is meant to be, will be. When we were designing our home I share with my husband, Matt Hauth and our lovable labradoodle, Kingston, I didn’t want to plan a room specific to be a nursery since we weren’t sure if we would ever have children. Through the many trying processes of redoing our farmhouse together and the infertility journey, we have learned as long as we are on the journey together everything will be ok. 


Seven months after our home was finished, we learned we were pregnant with twins! As I began to visualize the space I wanted my babies to spend time in, it was neutral, calm and peaceful. I also wanted it to flow with the rest of our home. I didn’t want there to be a theme and I didn’t want it to be cluttered, but rather have core pieces in it that spoke to us. I was very specific on the materials that would be used. The cribs we chose were the Fillmore ones from Pottery Barn Kids. We chose these cribs for their simple and classic design. The cribs convert to toddler beds but we opted to not look at cribs that converted to full size beds as we weren’t sure how long our babies would want to share a room, etc. I have learned through the years not to plan as much and instead take in each day and go from there. Being concerned with materials used in baby items, I wanted to make sure their cribs were a safe haven, which is why I opted for the Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress by NATUREPEDIC. The mattress is reversible and certified by GREENGUARD® and GOTS. Above their cribs are soft animal heads and tapestries. These pieces add a little pop of pink and grey while still being neutral. These items, along with their rug are from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. The Chunky Braided Wool rug spoke to me through it’s texture and feel. I found similar ones for less but they were full of chemicals such as flame retardants. I wanted to make sure any rug we brought into the room was free from toxins since the babies will be playing on it. Also free from any harmful elements are their sheets. I love our bedding from Parachute Home and I wanted our babies to have that same level of comfort and classic design. I purchased two sets, two of Parachute’s Percale crib sheets and two of their Linen crib sheets.

Sleep for the next 6 months has been one of the largest items weighing on my mind. What will it look like, what will their sleeping patterns be, will they sleep at the same time hopefully? We purchased the Snoo bassinets for the comfort of knowing how much they help with the risk of sids. These bassinets are not only amazingly functional but also beautiful pieces of furniture for the home. As soon as the babies arrive, the bassinets will be moved into our room. 

As I mentioned, we didn’t plan on this room being a nursery, therefore there is no closet. So we had to get creative with storage space. I knew I wanted a changing table and a place to hang their outfits. I set out on a design challenge to create a functional storage system that would help keep us organized. In my search, nothing existed for what I had imagined.

There was a dresser that matched the cribs, but that didn’t solve the problem for hanging their outfits. That is when I created an Ikea hack for Matt to build a hanging storage system out of a bookcase. We now had a functional solution to our problem. In an effort to make the pieces look cohesive with the rest of our home esthetic, we customized it using gold hardware. On the changing table we incorporated School House knobs. Inside the drawers I added pieces from the Container Store for baby basics such as onesies, socks and blankets. While special pieces hang on the custom rod Matt built on baby gold hangers.

There are still a couple finishing touches we will do to the nursery, such as hang something above the changing table. But I haven’t found anything that has spoken to me yet. I am a firm believer in not having something in the home without purpose. However, sometimes items don’t have to have a purpose other than to bring joy. I purchased this deer rocker from Pottery Barn Kids when I was pregnant with our first son, Harrison who we lost at 6 weeks. The rocker was in storage and my mom suggested putting it in the nursery. At first I was opposed, as I mentioned I don’t enjoy items without purpose and they won’t be able to use this for a while. However, now every time I walk by the rocker I love it, as the twins have their older brother in their room watching over them, guiding them and loving them. 

Stay in touch to see how our Modern Farmhouse was transformed and to keep in touch with twin life on the farm. 

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  1. What a wonderful story and so well written, truly blessed that we have been able to be a part of this journey with you. You and Matt will be wonderful parents. I love how your vision of simple the simple life with not having an abundance of things you don’t need. I am trying to learn from you.

  2. You seem to be ready! That will give you time to just enjoy your children. Hope you will have time to continue to post. We are anxious to hear about the birth, their weights, lengths and names and mostly when we can visit. God bless you Mommy in your delivery.

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