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Out With the New, In With the Old

Our love story began a long time ago, but that story will be saved for another time. Our farmhouse is a house that love has built. Our current song is Dan + Shay’s – From The Ground Up

After getting married in 2011, my parents so graciously let us live with them while we saved for a down payment. Our house hunting process was a long one. We looked at so many homes, I couldn’t even tell you how many. We knew exactly what we wanted, we would walk in and out and agree it wasn’t for us. Until driving in our hometown we saw a for sale sign in one of the newer subdivision. We toured the home right away and I knew I wanted to live there. My mind as made up. It was, what I thought, our dream home. 

The house was beautiful! All new finishes, two story, fireplace and a big back yard. It was everything we had dreamed of. With some help and prayers it became ours just before Christmas in 2012. For the longest time this was the newest subdivision in North Plains, but then the city took off! I asked a realtor friend, Dirk Hmura, who I used to work with at Eleete Real Estate, to come take a look and see what his opinion was on the market. Shortly thereafter we started really contemplating the idea of selling our home. The only problem was, we loved our house and had no idea where we wanted to move. 

Until one day, we were on a family trip to the coast and my dad offered to to sell us one of his rentals that was currently vacant. The rental wasn’t just a little rental, it was a farm! An old 1920’s farmhouse with a big red barn! Both my husband and I work all the time and although grew up in the country, didn’t really know a lot about “farm living”. We decided it sounded like a great opportunity and an adventure, so we jumped at the offer. A for sale sign went up in the yard and we headed for country living!

I never knew at that time that my dad wasn’t only selling us this farm, he was giving me a whole new outlook on life. I was starting to truly enjoy the simple things, such as the pleasures of growing a garden and taking our pup for a walk in the creek to cool off in the summertime. 

My husband and I have gone through a lot together, we were high school sweethearts. We graduated high school and college together, started a business, bought a house and have a puppy, but an old farm house, that was something brand new to us. 

The house needed some tender loving care but had so much potential. It was held together with a couple of cables and so the whole upstairs was unusable space. Downstairs there was a couple bedrooms, bathrooms, a living and dining room as well as a kitchen. Our master bedroom in our old house was grandiose and stunning. It opened with french doors and made a statement. Our new master in the farmhouse was quaint with low ceilings and a view of the creek. It wasn’t the luxurious space we had before, but we knew that going into it. Living in the farmhouse as it was for a while, we decided it was time to expand the house if we were going to try to expand our family. We started dreaming about the potential this old house had. Measuring the space, playing architect, it was all so much fun! We were only going to add a couple bedrooms upstairs in order to have an actual master like we used to, but once we started laying out where everything would go, we quickly came to the realization, if we were going to fix the structural parts and remodel the upstairs, we might as remodel the downstairs at the same time. I mean, go big, or go home right?

After the decision had been made, we met with our contractor, moved back in with my parents, started picking out the finishes, my husband and his dad started the demo and here we are! It’s almost Christmas and my parents house has never been filled with so much love and our house is under massive construction. Keep in touch for the latest updates on the remodel process!

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