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Curb Appeal

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! It’s been almost exactly 3 years since we moved into our farmhouse. I cannot wait to show you images of our home and how we have created spaces to be uniquely ours. But first I will walk you through the outside transformation. From the very beginning I had a vision of how our home could potentially look. My inspiration board was complete and it was only a matter of time until my vision became reality.

It was time for a face lift. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the green trim. Making the change to all white gives our home a fresh and updated look. I couldn’t recommend Raymond, owner of Brothers Wood Finishes and his crew more for the amazing paint job.

A front door is similar to a first impression. It can make a statement or be easily forgotten. I really wanted to redo our front door completely. I wanted to make the entry taller rather than a standard door height. However, with any project there is a budget and places where funds are either allocated or cut. We decided there were other places we would rather spend the money than in framing and structural cost for the taller door. Therefore I had to get creative with how I could easily update our front door. I love when doors standout and are eye catching. I opted for a completely contrasting color for the door, and instead of buying a brand new one, our amazing painters painted our current one black. I love how it turned out! Make sure when painting to choose a high quality, long lasting paint. It makes all the difference!

The fresh paint made a huge impact on our home. However, more than just the surface we updated the hardware. Good design is all about the details. We changed out the light to reflect something to compliment the overall aesthetic of the home. We also added modern house numbers from Rejuvenation Hardware and a new door handle from Chown Hardware in a Satin Brass Finish to make a stunning statement. The door handle elongates the door and helps create visual interest to a standard door and also makes the door seem taller than it actually is. The house numbers have a sleek and sophisticated style that are also easy to read. The light we choose was inspired by vintage warehouse lights from the late 19th century and it features a timeless gooseneck design. The light also adds an industrial appeal to the space. Our front porch is one of my favorite places!

A fresh coat of paint and a new door weren’t the only exterior updates we made. We also replaced all of the windows. We went with Anderson French Casement windows from Pacific Rim Sash and Door. The black windows with the black door and white paint for the house is the exact vision I had when we first moved into our home. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The hydrangea’s below these windows are my favorite. We have hydrangeas all over our home. The ones on our porch are huge and produce the most beautiful green leaves and blossoms. I cannot wait to see how this row of them matures over the years.

Other flowers we chose to have on our property are roses and lily’s. We have been open about the fact that we had to do IVF in order to get pregnant. In that journey we started out with 12 embryos. It was very difficult to go through that process and I wanted a way to remember each and every embryo. Therefore we planted a rose garden, one plant per embryo. I love enjoying this peaceful place and thinking about all of the sweet babies. One of the embryos we implanted that didn’t take we named Lily. We planted lily’s through the property in memory of her. One day our children will learn the story of their other brothers and sisters and what it took to get them here. I am loving enjoying life in our farmhouse with the little ones!



3 thoughts on “Curb Appeal

  1. Our house is flanked by hydrangeas too, and I have a special honeysuckle planted about six years ago when we miscarried too. – a nice tribute I think! ❤️

    1. Hydrangeas are so beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss. I love having special reminders around of the babies, I love that you do as well. Again, I am so sorry you went through that.

  2. Stacie and Matt
    God bless you guys , your amazing family and your home.
    Thank you for giving the opportunity to helping to do the amazing changes on your beautiful house.

    Ray Robles
    Brothers wood Finishes LLC

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