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But First, Coffee.

Today feels like the perfect day to talk about how important a good espresso machine is to have in the kitchen. As the hubs returns to work after a wonderful two weeks off and we are currently sleep deprived from sleep training the babies, I am grateful to be able to walk a few steps into the kitchen for my morning espresso that feels like my morning life saver.

Our mornings used to start out with me standing over the espresso machine pulling shots as Maggie would peacefully fall asleep in her swing and Howie was cozy in his basinet. Then the machine needed some maintenance (Group Head Rebuild and a new Pump for any aficionados out there) and we had to change our routine. The new routine consisted of getting the twins bundled up into their car seats; hats, blankets, bottles, formula, diapers, wipes and we were out the door to Starbucks. The babies would fall asleep in the car, I would get my overpriced coffee and poor pastry and we would be on our way home. This was my survival for a couple of months while the machine was inoperable while Matt tried to fit in bits and pieces of the repair in between the hustle of work and life. But the machine is back in running order and we are sleep training. I am able to enjoy my Oatly, Oatmilk Latte, Matt has his slightly over the top Valrhona dark chocolate mocha, while the babies enjoy their version of an espresso, formula from the Baby Brezza.

As I type this I have put both babies down for the evening without so much as a peep out of either of them. Give it an hour and I am sure I will be eating these words I have typed, but for now I will sit back, drink my glass of wine and enjoy the rest of the evening. Because isn’t that normally the question, is it too late for coffee, or too early for wine?

Next up on the blog post will be our custom bar with adjacent wine rack. Where is your favorite winery? Living in the pacific northwest we are blessed with good coffee and some great wineries. The babies have been to Ponzi vineyards more times than I can remember and it is all we are currently stocking. Speaking of wine, is that a baby I just heard?

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  1. You write well! You deserve wine and soon, soon, soon, you will have well trained babies sleeping all nite! One step at a time! Have a great day with your babies, I hope to come out next week!!

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